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A famous British scientist suddenly disappears without a trace. He leaves a cheque of one million pounds and a suicide note for his family. This strange disappearance of Michael Crest heralds evil so potent it threatens the very existence of the human race.
Keith Morgan, Michael’s best friend knows there is more to his friend’s so-called “suicide.'' He decides to embark on a mission to find him but ends up grieving for the loss of his only son who also dies in mysterious circumstances. Michael’s wife Evelyn is gradually turning into a nutcase due to the conditions surrounding her husbands' alleged suicide and no one is willing to help her find him.

On the other side of the world is Hammed Khalif, a wealthy Nigerian-Arab whose entire family perish in Gaza while protesting against the presence of Israeli soldiers. The death of his family slowly turns him into a bloodthirsty and sadistic monster, in a twist of fate, he falls head over heels in love with a Nigerian girl, but Hammed is harboring a secret that could destroy not only their relationship but also their lives.

The story gets darker when Satan’s plan to destroy the world is revealed and the only person who can stop him does not even believe he exists.