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A mere thirty days...

...is what ex priest, Aaron Cohen has to stop a devastating attack on earth from elusive and ruthless forces but events soon took an alarming turn for the worse.

The Vatican came under attack when a demonic bloodhound under the command of Tyrus, Lucifer's son, went on rampage. They left destruction on their trail.

As events unfold with alarming speed, Aaron Cohen's life spiralled out of control, chased by forces beyond human comprehension; he embarked on an adventure to protect the Ark of the Covenant and the stones of fire from brutal forces intent on annihilating the human race. Set against an extraordinary and enigmatic church of St Mary, Axum in Ethiopia, Aaron fought with demons, escaped assassins' bullets and every attempt to halt impending doom seemed slimmer than ever.

A reviewer's opinion:

'''David’s writing is certain to enthral from the first page, where the drama begins without preamble. From the Vatican to Washington, and London to Ethiopia, Cydonia is full of gripping twists and turns. Individual tales of friendship, romance, betrayal, and redemption are united through an overarching battle against supernatural forces, intent on anarchy and destruction.''
Chloe Pilsbury